Financial Inclusion Network and Operations (FINO)

The Financial Inclusion Network and Operations (FINO) is a company that collects and manages cash. Customers of Mahindra Finance can pay their loan EMIs at any FINO branch near them, thanks to their large network.

Feature & Benefits

Safe and secure

Easy access tomake payments

Search nearby branchas per your location

Steps To Make A Payment:


Mahindra customer visits FINO merchant point with Loan Contract Number to make Loan Payment.


FINO Merchant enters the contract number provided by the customer and verifies the details.


Customer handovers cash to FINO merchant.


The customer then receives an OTP message with his account details and, on verification of details, the customer shares the OTP with the FINO merchant for authentication.


Upon successful transaction, the customer receives a confirmation message with a transaction ID which can be verified with the nearest Mahindra branch, if required.


  • Fino has a functionality which will enable your customers or agents to locate the nearest Fino merchant within their pin code through SMS or can access the link.
  • Online Utility:
  • Offline/SMS Utility:The process for messaging through SMS is as follows:
    • Send “finoemi ” to 9008890088 by SMS.
    • The top 5 merchants (name and mobile number of the merchant) of the pin code will be sent to the sender’s mobile.
    • The sender (customer) can call the merchant to determine the exact location and can visit any of the merchants to deposit the EMI.
    • Note : it is advised to call merchant before visiting the merchant point.
  • Minimum amount is Rs. 1 and maximum is Rs. 49,999
  • Loan Contract No. to be shared by the customer to Fino Merchant to identify the payment.
  • OTP will be sent on mobile no. provided to the merchant. Check if the amount deposited is matching with the amount mentioned in OTP. If not ask the merchant to re-initiate the transaction
  • Transaction confirmation SMS will be sent to the mobile no. provided to merchant for deposition
  • Depositor can also request for the printout of receipt at the Fino point if printer facility is available at merchant point.
  • All legally accepted Indian currencies are accepted.
  • Payer will get confirmation message on mobile number provided during the payment.
  • Payer can request for the printout of receipt at the Fino point if required/available.
  • Mahindra customer will visit the Fino merchant point with Loan Contract Number for making Mahindra Loan Payment.
  • Fino Merchant will enter the contract number provided by the payer and verifies the details.
  • The payer will then handover the cash for the amount to the Fino merchant.
  • Fino merchant will count cash and check for fake notes. Fake notes will be excluded and the amount will be entered.
  • The payer will receive an OTP SMS with his account details.
  • The OTP to be shared to Fino merchant by the payer if the details are correct in the SMS ,If the details are incorrect, then the payer to ask the Fino merchant to cancel the transaction and re-initiate the transaction.
  • Once transaction is successful, the depositor will receive a confirmation message with transaction ID which can be verified with the nearest Mahindra branch if required.
  • Once successful transaction SMS is received with the transaction ID, then payment is successful. If the amount is not reflected on the Mahindra account, the payer can visit the nearest Mahindra branch with the transaction ID provided in the SMS.

Important Payment Do's and Don'ts


  • Download the official ‘Mahindra Finance’ App from Play Store/App Store

  • Always pay your EMIs through the mentioned Digital/Physical payment modes

  • Ensure that you get a receipt/e-receipt post making your EMI payment

  • Connect with us on our Toll Free Number – 1800-233-1234 in case if you need any clarification


  • Do not download the App by clicking on a link sent by any individual or unknown entity to you

  • Make payment only to Mahindra Finance account and not to any individual/employee account

  • Do not share your personal details like Pan Card Number, Aadhar Number, KYC/Loan details with anyone other than Company’s authorised personnel

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