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Empowering potential.

Transforming lives.

For over two decades, Mahindra Finance has been empowering ambitious individuals to realise their dreams. So no matter who you are, or where you're from — we're always by your side.

From a taxi-driver to a businessman!
Thanks, Mahindra Finance.

- Mr. S.K. Rabbani, Hyderabad (Vehicle Loan) Discover his success story

We've come a long way since 1991.

And so have our customers.

The seeds of potential were always present.
We’ve merely provided the resources to help them bloom.

Helping over

million lives

to harness their potential… reaching them through



across the nation

Behind our satisfied customers is a camp of

20000 responsive employees.

To ensure our employees truly understand and relate to their customers, we choose to develop skill sets at the local level itself. Plus, our insistence on social inclusiveness adds strength and diversity to the organisation. Here are a few first-hand perspectives from our employees on working at Mahindra Finance.

Our success stems from our valuable employees.

People matter, and how! Over the years, our numerous initiatives have nurtured people into leaders, converting our limitless growth into the successful entity we are today.

Mahindra Finance Work Culture

Project Nanhi Kali

Initiated in 1996, this noble project was intended towards providing primary education to underprivileged girl children in India. Since then, it has empowered thousands of children across the nation.Read about our other initiatives.

I used to be a taxi driver in Mumbai for six years. But a dire need of money forced me to leave my motherland and migrate to Saudi Arabia to earn a living. I worked there as a private car driver and did well monetarily. But for me, money couldn't replace the joy of working in my own motherland.

Five years later, I decided to return home. With my savings of Rs. 1 lakh, I started a business dealing in scraps in Hyderabad. But then things didn't go too well and I lost all my money in the business. My confidence took a big hit and I was back to where I was – being an ordinary taxi driver. But somewhere in my heart I always believed that those who try, can never fail.

From whatever I earned as a taxi driver, I managed to save Rs. 30,000. Using that, I took up a three wheeler loan from Mahindra Finance to buy an Alfa Load. And thanks to them, I am a proud owner of a vehicle. Since then, my earnings have considerably increased and so has my respect in the society. Today, I feel much more confident about myself and I am now looking forward to buying a second vehicle as soon as the loan for the first one is over.

I am grateful to Mahindra Finance for helping me 'Rise' in my own country.

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