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Common Service Centres (CSC)

Mahindra Finance has partnered with Common Service Centres (CSC) to bring comfort to our customers. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (Govt. of India) has established these physical facilities and because of our partnership, our customers may conveniently pay their loan EMIs at their nearby CSC outlets. CSCs have a large network of over 4 lac locations. CSCs are also access hubs for important public utility services, social assistance schemes, healthcare, finance, education, and agriculture services in rural and remote sections of the country, in addition to a variety of B2C services.

Feature & Benefits

Available across the country

Provide various services

Easy to access

Steps to make payment

Step 1

Mahindra finance customer will come to the CSC branch and provide the contract number


Step 2

CSC Merchant will enter the contract number provided by the customer and verify the details


Step 3

Customer will hand over the cash to the CSC merchant


Step 4

The customer will receive an OTP message with the account details. Post verification the customer will share the OTP with the CSC Merchant for authentication.


Step 5

Upon successful transaction, the customer receives a confirmation message with a transaction ID which can be verified with the nearest Mahindra FInance bank, if required.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find the information you need quickly and easily with our comprehensive list of frequently asked questions.

How can I find the nearest CSC points?

You may go to google or click on this link  to search the nearest CSC cash collection point or you can call 9529114114.

What is the minimum & maximum amount of loan available at Mahindra Finance?

The minimum EMI to pay from any CSC point is 4999 and the maximum 49999.

What are the categories of finance/loan available?

Currently CSC is offering all type of loan i.e. PL/TWL/Gold/Tractor/Four Wheeler etc. to the customer from their CSC centers.

How much time is required for loan approval?

CSC has tied up with banks and NBFCs so they have their standard procedure.

What is the applicable rate of interest on loan?

It varies on the product which the customer chooses as all products have different ROI.

Do you need any security if we take any loan from Mahindra Finance?

No, we don’t.

Is there any guarantee required?

Not always, it depends on customers financial, which need to meet our credit criteria

What should I do in case of an address change? Whom should I inform?

You may contact the DM of circle SPOC.

What documents are generally required for Loan?

KYC documents, Identity & address proof, IT returns, Bank statement

What are the modes of payment to pay EMI’s?

Currently, it’s accepted only through the Digital Seva Platform as we have our payment gateway.

How will Mahindra Finance decide your loan eligibility?

You may use your own set of procedures or criteria to decide the eligibility.

Should I need to pay any down payment?

It depends on the product team.

Best Practices For Making Payments


  • Download the official ‘Mahindra Finance’ App from Play Store/App Store
  • Always pay your EMIs through the mentioned Digital/Physical payment modes
  • Ensure that you get a receipt/e-receipt post making your EMI payment
  • Connect with us on our Toll Free Number – 1800-233-1234 in case if you need any clarification


  • Do not download the App by clicking on a link sent by any individual or unknown entity to you.
  • Make payments only to the Mahindra Finance account and not to any individual/employee account.
  • Do not share your personal details like Pan Card Number, Aadhar Number, KYC/Loan details with anyone other than Company’s authorized personnel

Enjoy the freedom of making payments through the nearest CSC center with Mahindra Finance!