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What Is The Monthly Interest On A 6 Lakh Fixed Deposit?


by Mahindra Finance


May 23, 2024


4 mins read

Are you thinking of investing in a fixed deposit to secure your savings and earn regular income? A fixed deposit (FD) is a popular investment option that provides stability, security, and consistent returns. By parking your funds in an FD, you can enjoy the FD benefits over a specific period.

However, before making any investment decisions, it's crucial to compare interest rates offered by different issuers. This step ensures that you make an informed decision based on prevailing market conditions, maximising your returns on investment.

In this article, we will explore the monthly interest payout you can expect from a 6 lakh fixed deposit. We will also discuss the advantages of fixed deposits and provide practical examples to help you understand how they work.

Benefits of fixed deposits

Let's dive deeper into understanding FDs and their benefits.

Fixed deposits offer several advantages making them an attractive investment option for risk-averse individuals. Let's explore some key FD benefits:

  1. Stability and security: FDs provide a secure avenue for investing your money. Unlike other investment options, the principal amount invested in an FD is not subject to market fluctuations.
  2. Fixed interest rates: With fixed deposits, you can enjoy the benefit of a predetermined interest rate throughout the tenure of your investment. So, you can calculate your returns in advance and plan your finances accordingly.
  3. Regular income: FDs provide a steady income stream through regular interest payouts. This makes them particularly beneficial for retirees or individuals seeking a predictable source of income.
  4. Flexible Tenures: FDs come with various tenor options, ranging from a few months to several years. You can choose a tenor that suits your financial goals and liquidity requirements.
  5. Senior Citizen FD: Many banks and NBFCs offer special FD schemes for senior citizens with higher interest rates than regular FDs. These schemes are designed to cater to the specific financial needs of senior citizens. So, senior citizen FDs are good options to invest in.

Calculating monthly interest on 6 lakh

Now let us calculate the monthly interest on an FD of 6 lakh with an annual interest rate of 8.1%. 

Assuming the interest per annum is 8.1% by a particular bank, the monthly interest payout on Rs. 6 lakh is as follows:

AmountInterest (p.a.)Yearly Interest AmountMonthly Interest payout
Rs. 6 Lakh8.148,6004,050

It is to be noted that the monthly interest payout varies based on the deposit amount and the interest rate offered by the issuer.


Investing in a fixed deposit can be an excellent choice for individuals seeking stability, security, and regular income from their savings. By comparing interest rates across different banks and NBFCs and using an FD calculator to calculate potential returns accurately, you can make informed investment decisions.

Remember to consider your financial goals, liquidity requirements, and tenor options when choosing the right fixed deposit for your needs. And if you're a senior citizen, explore senior citizen FD schemes that offer higher interest rates.

If you're ready to invest in a fixed deposit or want to learn more about FD benefits, consider Mahindra Finance as a reliable partner. Mahindra Finance provides competitive interest rates and flexible tenors, making them an excellent choice for individuals looking to grow their savings securely and conveniently.


Q: Can I calculate the FD interest rates per month on my fixed deposit using an FD calculator?

A: Yes, an FD calculator is a helpful tool that allows you to determine the monthly interest payout on your fixed deposit based on the deposit amount and prevailing FD interest rates per month. It helps you plan your finances better and make informed investment decisions.

Q: Are there any special benefits for senior citizens investing in fixed deposits?

A: Yes, many banks and NBFCs offer special FD schemes for senior citizens with higher interest rates compared to regular FDs. These schemes are designed to cater to the specific financial needs of senior citizens.

Q: What are some other benefits of investing in fixed deposits?

A: In addition to stability and security, fixed deposits provide fixed interest rates, regular income, flexible tenors, and easy liquidity. These benefits make FDs an attractive investment option for risk-averse individuals.

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