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Terms and Conditions

You shall be eligible for availing a Loan with interest rates starting from 8.25%* per annum onwards to purchase Mahindra XUV400 and 8.65%* per annum onwards to purchase other vehicle (s) subject to the following Terms and conditions –


You shall authorize and consent Mahindra &Mahindra Financial services Ltd (MMFSL) to obtain your personal information from CRIF High Mark and/or any other Credit information Companies (CICs) to enable MMFSL to access and analyse your credit score for funding your Loan and this consent and authorization is unconditional and shall be used by MMFSL for the limited purpose of evaluating the credit worthiness for sanctioning a Loan by consenting the following:

  • I/We do hereby give my free consent and authorize Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd (MMFSL)to use my personal information to obtain my /our Credit Information Report and Credit Score from CRIF High Mark and/or any other Credit information Companies (CICs) from for the purpose of determining my credit score, undertaking credit risk analysis to for considering lending to me /us for considering revising my credit limit and not for any other purposes.
  • I/we also state and confirm that CRIF High Mark and/or any other CICs sharing my/our information to MMFSL, shall be in order and I/we shall not hold them responsible for sharing the information and further state that no person has induced me/us to provide my/our Consumer Credit Information.
  • I /we shall not hold MMFSL responsible or liable for any loss, claim, liability, or damage of any kind resulting from any inaccuracy or error in the credit information provided by CRIF High Mark and/or any other CICs and for any breach of confidentiality or privacy by CRIF High Mark and/or any other CICs sharing of my/our Consumer Credit Information.
  • I/we agree that I/we may be required to record my/our consent / provide instructions electronically and in all such cases I/we understand that by clicking on the “I Accept” button below, I/we am providing “written instructions” to MMFSL authorizing MMFSL to obtain my Consumer Credit Information from my/our personal credit profile from CRIF High Mark.
  • By accepting these terms and conditions, I/we understand that I/we am providing express written instructions for MMFSL to request and receive information about me/us from third parties, including but not limited to a copy of my consumer credit report and score from consumer reporting agencies, at any time for so long as I /we have an active MMFSL account.

Loan limit shall be solely determined in terms of the internal criteria of MMFSL, and it shall be at the sole discretion of MMFSL to sanction a Loan.

You shall pay/remit documentation charges, loan processing fee upfront as stipulated by MMFSL before availing the Loan and submit all KYC documents, credit information, income and other details and execute all necessary Loan Agreements either in digital or physical form and you shall be bound by the terms and conditions of the Loan agreement.

You accept receiving all communication from MMFSL that could be either through a digital mode including SMS, WhatsApp message to your registered mobile number or by an electronic mail or by a postal communication to your given address.

Terms and Conditions of Loan may be amended and/or modified and/ from time to time due to any reason including due to any change in the market conditions and such revision, modification, amendment shall be displayed on the website of MMFSL and also shall be communicated through a digital mode and on such communication, customer is under obligation to abide by such amended terms.