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What is the process for deposition?


by Mahindra Finance


June 23, 2023


1 mins read

1. Mahindra customer will visit the Fino merchant point with Loan Contract Number for making Mahindra Loan Payment.

2. Fino Merchant will enter the contract number provided by the payer and verifies the details.

3. The payer will then handover the cash for the amount to the Fino merchant.

4. Fino merchant will count cash and check for fake notes. Fake notes will be excluded and the amount will be entered.

5. The payer will receive an OTP SMS with his account details.

6. The OTP to be shared to Fino merchant by the payer if the details are correct in the SMS ,If the details are incorrect, then the payer to ask the Fino merchant to cancel the transaction and re-initiate the transaction.

7. Once transaction is successful, the depositor will receive a confirmation message with transaction ID which can be verified with the nearest Mahindra branch if required.

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