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What is the procedure for Renewal of my Fixed Deposit?


by Mahindra Finance


June 22, 2023


1 mins read

Depositors may also renew their respective maturing FD’s through online mode by visiting MMFSL FD customer portal https://fixeddeposit.mahindrafinance.com/WA_FD_EP_LOGIN_5/ ,10 days prior to maturity .


With submission of scan copy of the Fixed Deposit receipt (FDR) (front & back) by selecting /marking appropriate choices with proper signature to renew the FD’s and also confirm the below details:

1. Scheme and tenure

2. Principal Amount or Principal with interest to be renewed

3. Broker code (If applicable)

P.N: The previous broker code shall be captured by default & brokerage shall be payable for such cases .In case of any change in the broke code ,you are requested to update us with the notification for us to make the required changes.

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