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What are the benefits of Mahindra Finance fixed deposit (FD)?


by Mahindra Finance


December 15, 2023


1 mins read

Mahindra Finance is one of the leading NBFCs in India that offers a variety of FD schemes to all. You can open an FD account with us and enjoy a range of FD benefits, including:

  • High interest rate - One of our fixed deposit benefits is that we offer the most competitive fixed deposit interest rate to all. If you choose an annual interest pay out term, you can get an interest up to 8.05%.
  • Flexible Tenure - You can choose to invest in a FD amount for any duration you like from 12 to 60 months, to suit your needs. The longer you stay invested, the higher will be the maturity value. Also, you can open an FD account with an amount as small as Rs. 5000 and invest up to Rs. 25 crore
  • Choose your own interest payout term - One of the advantages of fixed deposit account is that you can choose the payout term as you like, it can be monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually.

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