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Tractor loan eligibility is a critical factor when applying for financing. Lenders evaluate your eligibility based on various factors, including your credit history and required documentation. To boost your chances of approval, consider the following:


by Mahindra Finance


October 12, 2023


1 mins read

  • Income: The applicant must have income documents and proofs which help us determine the eligibility for the loan
  • Land Ownership: For farmers, most lenders require the applicants to own atleast 3 acres of land.
  • Credit score: Having a good credit score shows the lender that the applicant is a creditworthy borrower.

If you are a farmer and are looking to buy a tractor, a tractor loan can be a great way to make it happen. By understanding tractor loan EMIs and ensuring you meet eligibility requirements, you can increase your chances of approval. For more information and to calculate your Tractor Loan EMI, visit Mahindra Finance Tractor Loan EMI Calculator.

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