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Loan against Fixed Deposits?


by Mahindra Finance


June 22, 2023


2 mins read

Loan may be granted against public deposit up to 75% of the deposit amount carrying interest 2% per annum above the FD interest rate and any other additional charges as applicable on such deposit.

Deposits should have run for a minimum period of three months and minimum FD investment of Rs.5,000/-.

Loan disbursement is subject to internal approvals & at the discretion of the company.

To avail for loan online with no submission of documents in just 3 simple steps:

1. Login to the FD Customer Portal. https://fixeddeposit.mahindrafinance.com/WA_FD_EP_PRELOGIN_5/ (as an Existing Depositor)

Click on Fixed Deposit customer login and if Existing Investor, login through user id & password or if you are new investor create login and password as instructions in our website.

2. Click on Avail Loan

3. Complete the OTP & Identity verification and submit loan application


The offline process of loan in which Physical FDR & Loan undertaking letter signed along with cancelled cheque copy are required and mandatory which needs to be sent on email.

You need to provide the physical copies of FDR with sign & Revenue stamp of concern holders with cancelled cheque copy & loan undertaking letter to be sent to our Head Office at Mumbai or Chennai Regional Office.

Attached is the undertaking letter

Please Note:

Post loan provided below is the process of Repayment

The repayment mode is onetime payment or adjustment against maturity.

There is no part payment of loan or EMI facility nor there is any restrictions against tenure as such for repayment of loan.

You can do the complete payment loan amount with interest till date as when required we will be sharing you the coming 3 working days calculation of Amount with the Bank details in which the NEFT/RTGS to be made.

Further you need to do the needful and share the payslip ,screenshot or UTR /Ref no.


Loan amount with interest if not paid before the FD Maturity will be considered as loan amount with interest adjustment form the FD on the maturity date and balance amount any will be transferred to your Bank a/c registered with us.

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