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Key Commitments


by Mahindra Finance


June 24, 2023


1 mins read

a. Act efficiently, fairly and diligently in our dealings with all our customers by:

  • Meeting the commitments and standards specified in the Code for the products and services which the Company offers and in the procedures and practices its staff follows;
  • Making sure that Company's products and services meet relevant laws and regulations;
  • Providing professional, courteous and speedy services;
  • Providing accurate and timely disclosure of terms and conditions, costs, rights and liabilities as regards financial transactions.

b. Help customers understand how company's product work by:

  • Explaining their financial implications

c. Deal quickly and sympathetically with things that go wrong by:

  • Correcting mistakes;
  • Handling customer's complaints;
  • Telling customers' how to take their complaint forward if they are still not satisfied.

d. Not to discriminate the borrower on the basis of religion, caste, sex, descent or any of them.

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