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How will I make payment against my EMI due?


by Mahindra Finance


June 22, 2023


1 mins read

Step 1 - MMFSL Customer approaches the Post Office for making payment/ remitting EMI

Step 2 - IPPB Agent logs into Micro ATM, carries out the Customer validation with Mobile number and OTP (Customer has to provide valid mobile number and if available they have to provide email as well)

Step 3 - After Customer validation, Agent navigates through necessary options, in Micro ATM, to select the payment of Mahindra Finance

Step 4 - Customer has to provide the Vehicle Registration Number and Contract Number to Agent. Agent will input the necessary “Customer identification” details i.e. Registration Number and Contract Number and proceeds for Bill fetch.

Step 5 - IPPB server will fetch the outstanding bill details from MMFSL server and display following details – Customer Name, Amount Outstanding, Due Date and Biller reference number

Step 6 - Agent will cross check the details with the Customer and confirms the payment after collecting the cash

Step 7 - Transactions completes and a SMS will be sent to Customer (email notification if email provided initially)

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