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How do I make a nomination with regard to my shareholding?


by Mahindra Finance


July 21, 2023


1 mins read

To make a nomination, in respect of the shares held in demat form, please submit a duly filled in and signed nomination form (Form SH-13) in duplicate. If you hold shares along with other holders, then all holders are required to sign the nomination form.

Nomination Form is available on the website for download

Nomination in respect of shares held in physical form can be sent to the Company/ RTA. After the Company/ RTA receives the form and finds it in order, a registration number will be allotted to the nomination. A duplicate copy of the nomination form submitted by you will then be returned to you with an endorsement indicating the registration number and date.

In case of shares in dematerialised form, your nomination has to be recorded with your Depository Participant.

Option for multiple nominations for each folio is also available.

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