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Cancellation policy


by Mahindra Finance


June 22, 2023


1 mins read

1. The fund for investment should be received from the first holder account/joint account.

2. In case the funds are received from a third party, upon identifying the source of funds the refund will be processed in the same bank account on or before 7 working days without interest.

3. If the KYC documents are incomplete, the forms will be rejected, and the amount will be returned within 30 days without interest

4. Company reserves the rights:

i) To waive or vary the terms & conditions.

ii) To reject any application for a fresh Deposit or for renewal without assigning any reason

iii) To repay the deposit prematurely before the due date.
Acceptance, renewal, and repayment of fixed deposit shall be subject to the Non–Banking Financial Companies Acceptance of Public Deposit (Reserve Bank) Direction, 1998, as mentioned from time to time.

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