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What Are The Tax Benefit On A Business Loan?


by Mahindra Finance


April 11, 2024


5 mins read

Running a business involves numerous expenses and financial obligations. One way to ease the burden on your finances and save money is by taking advantage of business loan tax benefits. Yes, you heard it right! Business loans come with attractive tax benefits that can help reduce your taxable income. This article delves into business loan tax benefits and explores how they can be helpful for entrepreneurs like you.

So, let's dive in and understand how you can make the most of these business loan benefits (tax) to optimise your financial situation.

Understanding business loan tax benefits

When it comes to business loans, one of the significant advantages is that you can claim a deduction on the business loan rates, i.e. interest rates. As per the Income Tax Act, any interest paid on a business loan is considered a business expenditure and is deductible from your total income. This deduction helps in reducing your taxable income, thereby lowering your overall tax liability.

However, it's important to note that only the interest component of the loan is eligible for a tax deduction. The principal amount does not qualify for any such benefit. The principal amount is treated as borrowed capital and not as an expense incurred for generating income.

Let's break it down with an example:

Suppose you took a business loan of ₹20 lakh at an annual interest rate of 10%. In a year, you pay ₹2 lakh as interest on this loan. Now, when computing your taxable income, you can deduct this ₹2 lakh from your total revenue or profits, reducing your tax liability.It's crucial to maintain proper documentation such as loan statements and interest certificates to claim these deductions accurately during the tax filing process. The interest on business loans is typically deducted from the gross income, resulting in a lower taxable income.

Tax-deductible business expenses

Apart from the business loan rates (interest) component, certain business expenses are also tax-deductible. These expenses are directly related to your business operations and contribute to generating income. By deducting these expenses from your total revenue, you arrive at your taxable income.

Here are some common tax-deductible business expenses:

  1. Office rent: The amount paid towards renting office space is considered a deductible expense.
  2. Employee wages and benefits: Salaries, bonuses, and other employee benefits can be claimed as deductions.
  3. Advertising and marketing expenses: Expenditure on advertisements, promotions, and marketing campaigns can reduce your taxable income.
  4. Business insurance premiums: Payments made towards insuring your business assets or liabilities can be deducted.
  5. Maintenance and repair costs: Expenses incurred for maintaining equipment, machinery, or property can be claimed as deductions.

How business loan EMIs affect your tax liability

Many businesses opt for equated monthly instalments (EMIs) to repay their business loans over time. It is one of the business loan benefits people love. It's important to note that when it comes to claiming tax benefits on business loan EMIs, only the interest component is eligible for deduction.

It's crucial to consult a tax professional or refer to the Income Tax Act to know the specific rules and regulations regarding business loan EMIs and their tax implications.


Business loans not only provide financial support but also come with attractive tax benefits that can help you save money. By taking advantage of these deductions on the business loan rates (interest) paid and claiming other eligible business expenses, you can significantly reduce your taxable income. Proper documentation and understanding of the tax laws are essential to make the most of these benefits.

Mahindra Finance offers a range of business loans tailored to meet the needs of entrepreneurs like you. Explore their offerings and take advantage of potential tax benefits while funding your business growth.


Q: Can I claim tax benefits on personal loans taken for business purposes?

A: Yes, even personal loans taken for business purposes are eligible for tax benefits under certain conditions. As long as the borrowed funds are used for business-related activities, the interest paid on such loans can be claimed as a business expense and deducted from your taxable income.

Q: Are there specific tax benefits for MSME business loan interest rates?

A: While there is no specific MSME business loan interest rate (tax) benefits exclusively for MSME (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) business loans, the regular tax benefits on business loans apply to MSMEs as well. As long as the loan is used for legitimate business purposes, the interest paid can be claimed as a deductible expense.

Q: How can I calculate the tax benefit on my business loan interest?

A: To calculate the tax benefit on your business loan interest, you need to know the exact interest paid during the financial year. This interest amount is deducted from your total income to arrive at your taxable income. Consult a tax professional or use online calculators to ensure accurate calculations based on current tax laws.

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