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4 Critical Key Business Metrics You Should Consider As A Business Owner


by Mahindra Finance


April 10, 2024


4 mins read

Running a successful business requires more than just hard work and determination. It requires a deep understanding of your business's performance and the ability to identify areas for improvement. That's where business metrics come in. These key indicators provide valuable insights into various aspects of your business, allowing you to make informed decisions and drive growth.

In this article, we will explore four critical key business metrics that every business owner should track: sales metrics, marketing metrics, financial metrics such as availing of any business loan, and human resource metrics. By understanding these metrics and how they can impact your business, you will be better equipped to take your enterprise to new heights.

4 metrics that impact your business

1. Sales metrics

Sales are the lifeblood of any business. Tracking sales performance helps you understand what is working and what needs improvement within your sales team or department. Key sales metrics include net sales revenue, quota attainment, growth rate, churn rate, and lead response time.

For example, let's say you own a small retail store in a semi-urban area. By analysing your net sales revenue, you can determine which products are selling well and which ones need attention. This information allows you to adjust your inventory accordingly and focus on promoting high-demand items.

2. Marketing metrics

Effective marketing is crucial for attracting customers and driving revenue. By measuring marketing metrics, you can evaluate the success of your marketing efforts across different channels. Key marketing metrics include return on marketing investment (ROMI), cost per lead (CPL), customer acquisition cost (CAC), customer lifetime value (CLV), and customer retention rate.

Suppose you run a local bakery and want to increase your online presence. By tracking your ROMI, you can determine the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns. If the ROI is positive, it means your investment is generating revenue. If not, you can explore alternative marketing strategies or adjust your current approach.

3. Financial metrics

Financial stability is vital for the long-term survival of any business. Monitoring financial metrics helps you assess your business's financial health and identify areas for improvement. Key financial metrics include current ratio, working capital, accounts receivable turnover ratio, gross profit margin, net profit margin, and net income.Imagine you own a small manufacturing unit in a rural area. By analysing your working capital ratio, you can ensure that you have enough liquidity to cover day-to-day expenses. If the ratio is low, it indicates potential cash flow problems and prompts you to take appropriate measures like reducing costs or securing a business loan to improve liquidity. There is a host of business loan benefits, however, you should also consider the business loan rates beforehand.

4. Human resource metrics

Your employees are an essential asset to your business's success. Tracking human resource metrics helps you measure employee performance and engagement levels. Key human resource metrics include employee turnover rate, training spend per employee, employee net promoter score (eNPS), and revenue per employee.

Let's say you manage a transportation company that relies on drivers for its operations. By monitoring your eNPS score, which measures employee satisfaction and loyalty, you can gauge the overall morale of your drivers. High eNPS scores indicate satisfied employees who are more likely to provide excellent service to customers.


Tracking key business metrics is crucial for every business owner who wants to drive growth and make informed decisions. Sales metrics help you understand sales performance and make adjustments to improve revenue generation. Marketing metrics enable effective marketing strategies by measuring the success of marketing efforts.

Financial metrics provide insights into your business's financial health and allow you to take proactive steps towards financial stability. You can even consider procuring a loan after considering the business loan rates. Human resource metrics help measure employee performance and engagement, ensuring a motivated and efficient workforce.To track these metrics effectively, consider using tools like business loan calculators, financial management software, or professional guidance from trusted financial institutions like Mahindra Finance. They can provide valuable support and solutions to help you achieve your business goals.


Q: Can a business loan help improve financial metrics?

A: Yes, a business loan can provide the necessary funds to address financial metrics such as working capital requirements or investment in new equipment. It can help improve liquidity and contribute to the overall financial health of your business.

Q: What are the benefits of tracking human resource metrics?

A: Tracking human resource metrics allows you to identify areas of improvement within your workforce, reduce employee turnover, improve training effectiveness, and enhance overall employee satisfaction and productivity.

Q: How do marketing metrics impact business growth?

A: Marketing metrics help measure the success of marketing efforts and identify effective strategies for attracting customers. By optimising marketing campaigns based on these metrics, businesses can drive revenue growth and expand their customer base.

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