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Mahindra Finance Corporate Governance

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At Mahindra Finance, our focus has always been on growth and development, but not at the cost of our values and principles. Hence, we have designed an ecosystem that is highly transparent and in absolute accordance with the legal environment.

  • Directors
  • Senior Management and Employees

Code of Conduct for Directors

Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Limited (MMFSL) is committed to conducting its business in accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations and at the highest standards of business ethics and ethical conduct.

This Code of Conduct ("Code") reflects the business practice and principles of behaviour that support this commitment. The Board of Directors (“the Board”) is responsible for setting the standards of conduct contained in the Code and for updating these standards as appropriate to reflect legal and regulatory developments. The Code is intended to provide guidance and help in recognising and dealing with ethical issues and to help foster a culture of honesty and accountability. Every Director is expected to read and understand this Code and its application to the performance of his or her duties, functions and responsibilities.

Every Director must:

  • Represent the interests of the shareholders of the Company
  • Exhibit high standards of integrity, commitment and independence of thought and judgement
  • Dedicate adequate time, energy and attention to ensure the diligent performance of his/her duties including making all reasonable efforts to attend Board or Committee Meetings
  • Comply with every provision of this Code


Code for Independent Directors

The Code is a guide to professional conduct for Independent Directors. Adherence to these standards by Independent Directors and fulfillment of their responsibilities in a professional and faithful manner will promote confidence of the investment community, particularly minority shareholders, regulators and companies in the institution of Independent Directors


Terms and Conditions of appointment of Independent Directors


Familiarisation Programme for Independent Directors F.Y. 2018-19


Familiarisation Programme for Independent Directors FY 2017-18


Familiarisation Programme for Independent Directors FY 2016-17


Familiarisation Programme for Independent Directors FY 2015-16


Familiarisation Programme for Independent Directors

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Code of Conduct for Senior Management and Employees

The past decade has seen several exciting changes in India’s economic thinking. The liberalised business and legal environment, privatisation of the public sector, the globalisation of the economy and the resulting freedom and challenges have led to a dramatic growth in business and business opportunities. Even our business methods and systems have changed and evolved. In this environment, it is imperative to maintain the highest standards of corporate conduct and business principles. In addition, our intent is not just maximising profits and shareholder value, but being equally conscious of responsibilities to each of the stakeholders – employees, business associates and partners, financiers, society and the state.

In pursuit of this goal, we, at MMFSL, have always laid emphasis on practices that reaffirm the fundamentals of effective governance, that maintain a balance between individual aspirations and corporate goals, that underline our core values, and above all, practices that would result in delivering excellent products and services. While endeavouring to achieve all of this, our constant effort has been to make the world a better place.

MMFSL recognises that there are many aspects of Corporate Governance, each as important as the other. Ensuring an adequate return to shareholders is one of them. Being transparent in the conduct of business affairs and maintaining the trust and confidence of stakeholders is another facet. Corporate Governance is also concerned with the empowerment of employees and the ethics, values and morals of a company and its employees.

Developing capabilities, identifying opportunities and integrating Corporate Social Responsibility with operations is yet another area that adds to value creation and much more. We ensure that all these are carefully woven together to produce a tapestry of myriad hues that symbolises strong business relationships, shareholder trust, employee loyalty, respect in the community and excellence in all that we do.

This document is a reminder to each of us of the underlying principles governing the conduct of our businesses. These are, in a manner of speaking, a reaffirmation of the same principles upon which the founding fathers of the Mahindra companies built the edifice that we are all so proud of.


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