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A pulsating workplace, a creative environment and a motivated workforce are the cornerstones of life at Mahindra Finance. With our culture of recognising, reinforcing, and rewarding, each employee’s determined effort only contributes to the highly positive working environment.

Our work culture involves employees, encourages collaboration and thrives on ideas and ambitions. After all, an enthusiastic, motivated and energetic workforce not only works hard but also takes great pleasure in what they do. And one of the prime reasons behind our charged-up workforce is the fact that the average age of our employees is just 30 years!

At Mahindra Finance, we believe in empowering our people to take business decisions which, in turn, helps them nurture their entrepreneurial talent. We take special pride in our home grown leaders who have exhibited leadership par excellence. Driven by their constant innovation, our organisation remains comfortable with change.

All in all, life at Mahindra Finance is definitely challenging, but also highly enriching. Here, everyday is a new experience which not only helps our people learn, but also gives their professional career that extra edge over others in the industry.

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